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Mini Facials

Mini Facials

30 Minutes
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    Black Mask
    Purifying facial treatment that deep cleans the skin and removes impurities, excess serum and other toxins. Natural exfoliators leave skin looking polished and smooth, help to noticeably refine and tighten pores and eliminate blackheads. Benefits all skin types but especially ideal for oily skin. Great for its purifying, nourishing, hydrating, and soothing properties.

    Blue Mask
    Hydrating facial mask that surges intense moisture into the skin. Unique botanical extracts soothe and nourish the skin. Skin will appear noticeably plump and smooth with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Benefits all skin types but especially ideal for normal to dry skin. Great for its oil-free moisturizing, nourishing, hydrating and soothing properties.

    Orange Mask
    This mask brightens, hydrates and improves the texture of the skin. Naturally exfoliating fruit enzymes remove dry, dead cells for softer, smoother skin. Skin brighteners help revitalize dull skin for a more vibrant complexion, keeping skin smooth and clear. Benefits all skin types except those with sensitive skin.

    Pink Mask
    Exfoliates dead skin cells with a combination of alpha hydroxy acids. Unique ingredients detoxify and energize the skin for a more radiant complexion. Botanical extracts calm and soothe the skin. Ideal for normal to dry skin to keep it smooth and clear. Should be avoided in those with sensitive skin. The alpha hydroxy acids may increase your skin’s sensitivity so sun exposure should be limited for one week following treatment.