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Motus AY Laser Hair Removal

Motus AY - Laser Hair Removal

Motus AY Laser Hair Removal

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    The Motus AY laser is the latest in laser technology for fast and painless laser hair removal for all skin types! The Motus AY is an Alexandrite 755nm laser that uses a Moveo in-motion handpiece to deliver treatments. Moveo technology uses simple, continuous movement over a small area gradually delivering a precise dosage of energy to the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser emits highly-concentrated beams of light into hair follicles, which destroys the hair. The cooled sapphire tip on the Moveo glides over the skin in a safe and completely comfortable treatment for the patient.

    All areas of the body can be treated with the Motus AY and the length of each treatment session depends on the surface area being covered in the treatment. There is no pain with the laser hair removal treatment. Most patients require 6-8 treatment sessions for optimal results. A treatment schedule will be established at the first session and it is important that it is followed as closely as possible. The time interval between treatments must allow for a specific stage in the hair growth cycle to occur during the treatment session in order for it to be an effective treatment. Failure to follow the treatment schedule may result in inadequate results. During the treatment process, no plucking of the hair should occur in the area of treatment, however, shaving is permitted. There is no downtime after each treatment session.